Develop A Healthy Relationship Between Parent And Child

Parenting has gained the dimensions of science in the present generation. Every parent wants its child to be a healthy, happy and well behaved with high moral values. Today, everyone is trying to figure out what it takes to make a parent-child relationship ideal. The fact is that there is no standard set of rules to make a relationship desirable. The parent-child relationship is like the bonding, the gardener has with his plants. Undoubtedly, the generation gap exists from generation to generation, but the day, the parents draw the line, when to encourage and when to rebuke; parents wonderfully bridge the so-called generation gap.

Let us sneak into few tips which can assure healthy and happy parent-child relationship.

1. Start with a firm foundation: Studies reveal that the more you intimate with your child, the longer and closer relationship grows between both of you. Parents are first teacher and kid’s mind is a plain blackboard. Your kid often reflects your personality and manners. Your behaviour is copied by your kids. So, keep the foundation firm. Let your kids learn from your behaviour and actions.

2. Build up trust:- “Your child should not be brought-up, the way you were”
Building up any relation is not a one-way road, rather it is two-way lane. Parents need to build up a trust between them and their kids. A “securely attached” baby basically means, that a child trusts his parents to be his best friends, on whom he can trust for his needs. Even parents need to trust their kids and behave with them more like friends. Parent need to talk with their kids on daily basis. You can start with asking about his school activities, friends, and his best TV show etc.

3. Encourage, Encourage, Encourage: The gardener doesn’t yell, scream or criticize if the plant doesn’t blossom properly. The techniques are to be revised and often new ones, are to be tried. The parents need not grow up children as there replicas, rather they should be given freedom to nurture on their own. They should always encourage their child in whatever he does. Participating in a simple painting work, playing with kids and going out for cycling with your child can enrich your relationship.

4. Respect is mutual: A right parenting never tells you to instruct your child like a boss. Treat your child as your child should be, is the golden rule that is applicable not only to parents but equally to kids.

5. Don’t ever Miss-The-Communication: Whatever the trifle be, lack of clear communication will always lead to miscommunication. The longer the period of silence, more are the chances of the relationship getting strained. So listen, speak and clear the cloud. Every difficult situation either draws you closer or creates distance. Don’t take the instant and temporary reaction of the child personally. This may not be primarily about you, their tangled feelings, difficulty in controlling themselves, immaturity to understand and express emotions may be the cause of the lash out.

6. Mature response: The case above, is to be handled with the mature response. Stay calm and counsel your kids. Parents should act as anchors for the wandering kids. When we rejoin physically, we naturally rejoin emotionally. Reconnection is a must after every separation, the initiative for which has to be done by the parent only.

7. Stay Available: The most imperative thing for a relationship is to stay available. Kids don’t have any agenda or scheduled meetings. Knowing that someone is always available, encourage the child to open up whenever and wherever they feel. Kids who feel that other things are more important in their parent’s life will develop an emotional void, which can distract the young minds and loss is more on parent’s side.

It is important to understand that the relationships need time to grow up. Nagging and criticizing are not the basis for a relationship with someone you love. Your life is too short to spend in the state of annoyance. Work together, be available and be your child’s hero is the ingredients for the recipe of a successful relationship.

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