Encouraging The Children To Study With Increased Concentration

With the advent of technology, the survival seems to be just unimaginable, but the children are undoubtedly the worst hit. The concentration span of children has reached the lowest levels with the so many distractions around, be it television, mobile, gadgets, and internet etc. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that, it is somewhere due to so-called “distractions” that tempt the wandering mind. While most of the children naturally develop a greater concentration as they get older, but some continue to struggle to focus on an activity for more time.

Here are some proven ways of increasing concentration in kids:-

1. Understanding and creating an environment: A well- informed parent understands the psychology of his/her kid and creates an ambience accordingly. Eliminating extraneous distractions like phones, laptops etc., designating a particular place for studying, keeping all notes, books, and references handy, a light music and of course constant monitoring can help in gripping the problem to a good extent. Even use of educational kits and gadgets can help increase the concentration of kids. Mind-games and solving puzzles are the proven ways to increasing concentration.

2. Rest and recharge: Studies suggest that frequent breaks not only relieves the mind of boredom, created due to the monotony of the work, but is also effective in revitalizing and re-engaging the brain. Not to forget that the break needs to be shorter and productive.
3. Deep breathing: A challenging task can elevate adrenaline rushes, and if not sorted may lead to avoidance. The best way to curb the anxiety levels is breath slow and deep. A few exercises if included during the break time will usher a new strength and vigour to overcome challenges.

4. Step by step technique: Sometimes the volume of the assignment breaks the spirit of the child. At this time, we need to divide the task into smaller assignments, so that every small step taken is significant in reaching the bigger goal. It will not only give a sense of accomplishment but also raise self-esteem and motivate the child.

5. Reward system: Though personally, I am not in favour of this system much as it allows space for bribing and negotiations with the child, but in certain cases, it can be useful enough to get an important task accomplished.

6. Using energies effectively: There is no denying the fact, that children have an abundant store of energies and it is up to us, how we direct their energies in constructive and positive manner. It varies from individual to individual. Some start slow and gradually gain speed. With these types, we can always start with lighter assignments and ascend towards difficult, whereas it can be vice-versa with over energetic children.

7. Healthy food healthy mind: Practical experiences have already proved, that brain has a direct link with the food we eat. The food rich in sucrose and sugars is deemed to make mind sluggish and food rich in proteins help in improved concentration. A balanced diet will always aid in increased brain function. The golden rule is never to miss breakfast. A filling breakfast releases energy slowly and helps to stay active longer. A sound sleep with a designated time to sleep and regular exercise also keeps kids agile and alert.

Every kid or even adult for that matter can concentrate on intrinsically enjoyable activities whereas time becomes tough when real challenge pours in. Yet this ability to concentrate and sustain attention on all kinds of tasks is crucially important, as it helps kids to explore the unknown, gain confidence to tread on the road of competition and develop self-esteem.

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