Organise more PTMs

Children are groomed and geared up to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. The responsibility of this herculean task is often laid on the shoulders of the school and largely on the teachers. As a matter of fact, the responsibilities of the parents don’t end by sending the child to the best of the institutions. It is imperative for parents to understand, that in order to refine the child’s individual working, we need to make sure that the roles of teachers, students and parents are clear, specific and designed to bring about the best in your child and optimise his/her performance.

A teacher has a class full of students with varied needs, desires, demands and performance levels. In a class full of students with varied interests, catering to demands of every individual is indeed a challenging task. The effective collaboration of parents and teachers is for sure an elevator to success.

Regular parent-teacher meetings have the following key benefits for the teachers:

1. A better understanding of a child’s behavioral pattern: – Some children find school a scary place. Every morning they are confronted with Monday blues, a conversation with a parent would help the teacher in knowing the possible reasons for the same.

2. Insight into the child’s psychology: – For teachers, the parameter of judging the interest of a child in particular subject is through marks but this does not at all reflect the innate abilities of the child. A one to one word with the parents may help in getting to know the real self of the child.

3. Understanding the family dynamics: – The teacher can get a better understanding of individual family dynamics, cultural background and challenges a family faces as well as their strengths. Parents may develop a better understanding of the teacher’s expectations and the challenging dynamics that teacher may face in class.

4. Team building: – A perfect team of parent-teacher is a key to ensure success and vandalizing the communication gaps which can be detrimental to child’s progress.

Not just for the teachers, but the conferences are also helpful for the parents in keeping a track of their academic performance. It also makes sure that the parents are equally involved in effective learning. On the emotional front, the parents get to know how the child spends his important hours of the day in school. Visit the classrooms, libraries, recreation corners, activity centers, playground, and labs will give you first-hand experience of making sure that you are giving your best to the children. A face to face discussion with the teacher will help you explore various areas of your child’s interest. You can also seek the help of the teachers to nurture the inherent talent of your wards. However, too much involvement with the school and teachers might be distracting and can cause in lack of focus on the particular child.
A perfect child needs a right balance of school and home. Researchers have concluded that “When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” So let’s join our hands to make our children emotionally strong individuals with better social skills along with an excellent academic record and futuristic approach.

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