Spend More Time With Your Kids on Holidays

In an era of cut-throat competition where everyone is running a race to achieve the targets, the relations are taking a back seat. The statistics are quite astonishing where nearly a quarter parents say that they play occasionally with their kids. Surprisingly, some fathers are oblivious to the choices of kids, whereas there are some who talk to their kids only on weekends. The social networks are brimming out with ways to keep yourself healthy even at the workplace but no one talks about the health of the relations within a family. A famous author has rightly said, “How we preserve time for FAMILY is one of the most significant issues we face in most cultures.” For the kids, your time is the life precious jewel that is embedded in their memories forever. Following are a few advantages amongst the myriads highlighting the importance of family time.

1. Making a stronger bond: – The kids need a sense of belongingness and security, someone to turn to and look up to for anything. Family time certainly ensures deep and strong family bond.

2. Teaching important lessons of life: – Although there are many factors around which teach children, but family discussions where parents put forth problems seek the opinion from kids and discuss matters would prepare them well for facing the real world.

3. Appreciation, Affection, and Encouragement: – Researches confirm that teenagers who are praised, appreciated, hugged or kissed are likely to grow into positive and happy individuals.

4. Instill family values: – In the age of broken relationships and unrest amongst youth, instilling family values has become more significant. Children often portray behaviors which they see. Hence, spending time together will build a sense of worth and instill positive family values in your children.

5. To accept the differences: – Each family member is a unique individual and is special in their own way. Family time allows members to know about each other’s interest, show respect and tolerance. An open vent of feelings, sharing chores, control through humor and encouragement and most importantly being our own self can only be the results of time spent together.

When parents involve themselves unexpected scores, positive attitudes and better behavior are the fruits to reap in the later stage of life. So share meals, throw distractions, get on to a game of cards, holiday together, camp, hike, raft, movies an do whatever you can and create memories to leave indelible imprints forever. Because at the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test or crack a deal but you will regret the time you could not spend with your family.


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